These weapons offer diverse playstyles, ensuring an enriched experience as you traverse Elden Ring's vast and treacherous lands.

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Elden Ring boasts the largest roster of bosses and secret encounters among Souls-like games, testing your survival skills to the limit. To help you overcome these challenges, here are some general tips and specific strategies for defeating some of Elden Ring Runes the game's major bosses.

General Boss Tips:

Learn Their Patterns: Understanding each boss's attack patterns is crucial. Observing their movements and behaviors will give you insights into when to strike and when to evade.

Don't Overuse Rolling: While rolling provides invincibility frames, don't rely on it too much. Bosses have varied attacks that can catch you off guard if you spam rolls. Instead, time your rolls carefully and consider rolling toward the boss for better evasion.

Avoid Greed: It's tempting to unleash a flurry of attacks when a boss seems vulnerable. However, being greedy can lead to cheap Elden Ring Items counterattacks that can quickly turn the tide against you. Opt for quick, calculated strikes and prioritize safety over aggression.

Utilize Summons: As you progress, you'll gain summons that can distract bosses and provide openings for attacks. Always summon assistance at the start of boss battles to gain an advantage.