With RGIII's restricted mobility, Washington will need to defend Seattle through the air. However, the Seahawks possess one of the most effective defensive backfields on the Madden NFL 24 with a team led by Richard Sherman, who will be available following the appeal to Madden 24 coins overturn a Madden NFL 24 suspension. Sherman leads the team with eight interceptions . Sherman is expected to play with Pierre Garcon, Washington's biggest threat outside the numbers. Garcon has been a major increase to Redskins passing game, shaking off a foot injury and creating several big plays towards the end. However, Sherman as well as the secondary and the rush to the front will present a unique challenge for RGIII.

As the No. 2 overall selection, Griffin received much of the national spotlight early on in the season, but Wilson's play matches his performance down the stretch. The Seahawks were cautious early in the season, however, Wilson made big plays when called upon. In the second half, Wilson has become a proficient passer in the pocket , as well as on the move in keeping defenses at bay and building relationships and a rapport with Sidney Rice and Golden Tate. He isn't prone to errors in the final stretch of the season, racking up 26 touchdown passes and just 10 interceptions.

Like Griffin, Wilson is also a danger on the ground, whether it's designed or extending plays through scrambling. He averaged over five yards per carry during the season and added four rushing touchdowns. However, it's Lynch who's the best performer out of the backfield. He averaged five yards per run for the second-highest amount of attempted attempts of the NFL. Similar to cheap Mut 24 coins Wilson, Lynch rarely coughs his ball away, and has only lost two fumbles throughout the season. A good turnover margin is often the easiest route to win on road, but Lynch and Wilson both Lynch and Wilson never give up on it.