Football betting is currently very popular with various playing styles and different forms. Among them, corner bet, also known as "soi kèo phạt góc" in Vietnamese, is the most recognized betting method by many players. So, what exactly is the concept of corner bet, and how can you analyze it quickly? In this article, Win tips will provide you with the most detailed understanding.
Concept of Corner Bet
For most new players, corner bets are still relatively new. The English name for this type of bet is "Corners." In football betting, it is classified as an in-play bet. When participating in this type of betting, players do not need to know the match score or the winning/losing team. Therefore, the risk of match-fixing is almost negligible.
The only thing to pay attention to here is the number of corner kicks awarded in the match you're betting on. For example, if you bet on Team A to have 3 corner kicks, and if that happens, you win the bet. Additionally, there are other types of corner bets, such as betting on which team will have the first or last corner kick.
Corner Bet - Higher Winning Odds Compared to Other Betting Types
The odds for placing bets may vary depending on each betting site and top 100 bookmaker. With its simplicity and speed, corner bets are much easier to win compared to other betting methods. For most betting methods, you have to place your bets before the match starts. However, with corner bets, you can place your bets while the match is ongoing.
Types of Corner Bets
To register for corner bet, you need to know the different types of corner bets. There are various difficulty levels for both beginners and experienced players.
Next Corner Kick Bet: This is the simplest type, where you bet on which team will be awarded the next corner kick. The odds for this type of bet are usually 50/50, so the payout is relatively low. For new players, this is a safe choice.
Total Corners Over/Under Bet: "Over/Under" is a familiar concept to sports bettors. In corner bets, you bet on the total number of corner kicks in the match, whether it will be over or under a certain number set by the bookmaker. Some betting sites also allow bets for each half of the match, but the payouts are lower compared to the entire match.
Handicap Corner Bet: There are two options for this type of bet: team handicap and corner handicap. Usually, the higher-rated team will be given a handicap, depending on the bookmaker's odds. Based on the number of corner kicks, you can easily determine the outcome according to the odds.
No Corner Kick Bet: This is a relatively new variation introduced by many bookmakers to keep the betting options fresh. In this type of bet, you bet on a match without any corner kicks to earn money from the bookmaker. Although the potential payout for this type of bet is much higher, it's very rare for a match to have no corner kicks. Therefore, you need to carefully consider before choosing this option.
Tips for Beginners
Corner bets are a popular choice for many sports bettors due to their high winning odds and significant rewards. For beginners, it's essential to understand the odds set by the bookmaker free play. Before selecting a bet, study and understand the playing style of the team you're betting on.
It's also helpful to check the starting lineups before placing your bets. Experienced players often wait until both teams announce their tactical lineups before making their corner bet decisions. By analyzing the confrontation between the two lineups, you can make a more informed choice on which team to bet on to win.
These are the concepts of corner bets and the betting methods for beginners. Make smart choices for accurate betting with high winning odds. Hopefully, you will gain more knowledge about corner bet strategies.