What is Parlay Betting? This is a question commonly asked by many beginners, but for professionals, it's a very familiar form of sports betting. Parlay or accumulator betting is the method to potentially win a large sum of money. Specifically, how to play, the formula for calculating winnings, and what experiences to apply will be shared by Wintips right below.
What is Parlay Betting?
Parlay betting, also known as accumulator betting, is a familiar form of wagering in various sports, especially football. It's not just a type of bet but precisely a style of play at win betting tips Gaming Portal.
In this form of betting, bettors combine at least 2 wagers into one ticket. Players win when all selections predict the correct outcome and receive attractive rewards. However, if just one selection is incorrect, the entire ticket is lost.
For example, in a match between Manchester United and Leicester, a player places a parlay bet with 3 selections: Manchester United (-1) Full Time (FT) × Manchester United (1X2) FT × Over (2.5) FT.
The player is betting: Manchester United to win the match × Manchester United to win on handicap (-1) × Over (2.5) for the match.
If the result is Manchester United 3-0 Leicester ⇒ All 3 selections win, so the player wins the parlay.
If Manchester United 2-0 Leicester ⇒ The 1X2 selection wins, the handicap bet wins, but the Over/Under bet loses ⇒ the entire parlay is lost.
What are the Pros and Cons of Parlay Betting?
With a brief overview of the concept and how to play at reputable Wintips, bettors can clearly see the advantages and disadvantages of parlay betting:
Advantages: Offers attractive rewards; the winning odds of parlay betting are always several times higher than other types of bets.
Disadvantages: Difficult to win; accurately predicting one wager is already challenging, but with parlay betting, you have to guess all selected wagers (at least 2), increasing the difficulty exponentially.
However, just because it's difficult doesn't mean experienced players give up; many seasoned bettors still consider parlay betting as a favorite because it can potentially yield significant rewards.
There are matches with significant disparities in team strength, making the best football predictions app easier, or skilled bettors confident in their prediction skills can easily earn substantial rewards.
How to Calculate Parlay Betting Odds
The most challenging aspect of parlay betting is calculating the odds, where the outcome of the bet ticket has only two possibilities: Win or Lose. At Wintips, it is stipulated as follows:
For a winning bet, the payout equals the initial stake multiplied by the parlay odds.
For a losing bet, the loss equals the initial stake.
The calculation of parlay odds:
Parlay odds are the product of all individual odds for each bet on the ticket, thus:
Parlay odds=Odds of bet 1 * Odds of bet 2 * Odds of bet 3 * … * Odds of bet n.
Each individual bet's odds are calculated either as a full win (100%) or half win (50%) because in Over/Under and Asian Handicap bets, there is a situation where the bet is split:
For a full win (100%), the odds of the bet equal the posted odds.
For a half win (50%), the odds of the bet equal 1 + (posted odds - 1)/2.
Example of Specific Parlay Betting Odds Calculation
Let's take a specific example from the odds table of the betting site Wintips so you can better understand how to calculate the payout for these odds:
For example, in a match between Bodo Glimt vs Ham-Kam on Wintips, a player bets 100k on a treble, which includes:

Betting on Bodo Glimt to win in the 1X2 market, with odds of 1.16.

Betting on Ham-Kam to win with a handicap of (+2.25) FT.

Betting on Under for the total goals scored.

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If the match result is Bodo Glimt 2-0 Ham-Kam, then:
Bet 1: Bodo Glimt wins in the 1X2 market ⇒ Wins the bet, Odds for Bet 1=Odds placed are 1.16.
Bet 2: Bet on Ham-Kam in the Asian Handicap market, but since the actual score only covers half of the bet ⇒ Odds for Bet 2=1 + (1.86 - 1)/2=1.43.
Bet 3: Wins Under (3.5) FT, Odds for Bet 3=Odds placed are 1.93.
⇒ The player wins the treble bet, and at this point: Treble Odds=Bet 1 Odds x Bet 2 Odds x Bet 3 Odds=1.16 x 1.43 x 1.93=3.20.
=> The player receives a payout of: 100 x 3.20=320k.
Important Considerations When Placing Parlay Bets
What are the things to remember when betting on multiples? According to experienced players, the following points should not be overlooked:
Avoid long multiples: Clearly, the longer the multiple, the higher the potential payout, but the difficulty also increases exponentially. The winning probability is extremely low, so beginners should stick to shorter multiples. Choosing multiples with 2-4 bets is reasonable, and only select bets with high winning chances.
Equip yourself with accurate best home teams to win today knowledge: Obviously, with this type of play, relying on luck alone won't work. Therefore, having accurate prediction knowledge will be one of the aids to help players win easily. Absolutely avoid including any impulsive bets in the multiple.
Proper capital allocation: Multiple bets should only involve a small amount of investment, and it's advisable to invest more in main bets with a 50/50 winning probability. Avoid going all in when betting on multiples because the risk of losing everything is quite high.
Multiples betting, what is it? Above are clear information and analysis for this attractive form of betting. As a professional player, you should understand to fully exploit the opportunity to win big prizes with Wintips.